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Facial Kits

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  1. Gold Facial Kits 73g

    Gold Deep Cleanser Cream, Gold Scrub, Gold Massage Gel, Gold Face Pack, Gold Maximum Moisturiser. The concept of Gold Facial is deemed to be based on Natural Herbs and acts as a powerful anti-ageing treatment.
    Rs. 280.00
  2. Pearl Facial Kits 73g

    Cleansing Milk, Exfoliating Scrub, Pearl massage Cream, Pearl Face Pack, Moisturiser,
    Rs. 270.00
  3. Diamond Facial Kit 73g

    Diamond Cleansing Milk, Diamond Scrub, Diamond Massage Cream, Diamond Face Pack,Diamond Moisturiser, Smooth Shine Skin Serum.
    Rs. 280.00
  4. Fruit Facial Kit 73g

    Fruit Enzyme Face Cleanser, Bearberry Fruit Facial Scrub, Fruit Enzyme with Vitamin E Massage Cream, Fruit Enzyme Mask, Face Cream with fruit extracts, Smooth shine skin serum.
    Rs. 250.00
  5. Kaser Facial Kit 165g

    Kaser Facial Kit
    Rs. 680.00
  6. Papaya Facial Kit 165g

    Fruit Enzyme Face Cleanser, Honey & Papaya Enzymes Scrubbing Pack, Papaya Massage Cream, Fruit Enzyme Mask, Saffron & Sandal Fairness Lotion, Smooth Shine Skin Serum, Packed in the Papaya Facial Kit are the secrets to a naturally beautiful and clear skin.
    Rs. 795.00
  7. Anti Blemish Facial Kit 165g

    Aloe Vera & Citrus Deep Cleansing Milk, Apricot & Jojoba Facial Scrub, Saffron with Vitamin Gold Massage Cream, Essence of Nutmeg Anti Blemish Face Mask, Essence of Saffron Anti Blemish Cream.Collection of natural healing products that clams down the irritated cells & forms a protective layer on the face.
    Rs. 695.00
  8. Skin Whitening Facial Kit 260g

    Skin Whitening Facial Kit
    Rs. 1,475.00
  9. Mani Pedi Kit 400g

    Mani-Pedi Neem Shampoo, Olive & Walnut Mani-Pedi Scrub, Oxynourishing Massage Cream, Turmeric & Neem Mani-Pedi Cream.
    Rs. 650.00
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10 Item(s)