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Hair Care

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  1. Amla & Shikakai Hair Tonic

    Baelgiri extract, Jatamansi extract, Amla, Shikakai extract. This incredibly effective tonic strengthens, thickens & repairs damaged hair & helps it regain its natural luster. It also revitalises the scalp & enhances hair growth.
    Rs. 150.00
  2. Pearl Protein Shampoo 200ml

    Rich in natural extracts, this shampoo repair, moisturizes and conditions your treated hair. Lemon extract rejuvenates your hair while bhringraj extract is best remedy for hair fall, premature graying and hair thinning. Use this regularly for silky, smooth, damage free hair.
    Rs. 240.00
  3. Hair Straightener

    Oxyglow hair straightener is technologically sophisticated advance treatment for all types of wiry and curly hairs. It has rich contents of unique oils, conditioner and moisturizing cream for safe, even and smooth after results. It acts against harmful UV rays, heat and blow drying.
    Rs. 350.00
  4. Hair Spa Herbal Treatment Kit

    Amla & Shikakai Hair Tonic, Bhringraj Regrowth & Revitalising Hair Oil, Ginger Shampoo and Fruit Extracts Hair Conditioner.
    Rs. 763.00
  5. Hair Spa Cream

    The Oxyglow Hair Spa Cream will solve your hair fall problem. This hair tonic contains a perfect blend of natural elements that will boost hair growth and will make your hair stronger in the process.
    Rs. 225.00
  6. Bhringraj Regrowth Hair Oil

    Groundnut oil, Coconut oil, Bhringraj oil, Flex seed oil. It’s time to bid hair fall adieu. This hair oil is an effective remedy for hair loss even as it boosts hair growth. A reliable source of nourishment for hair follicles, it is also a wholesome treat for your scalp.
    Rs. 180.00
  7. Smooth Shine Hair Fluid

    Apply this hair serum to protect hair strands from breakage and to maintain its natural shine and smoothness.
    Rs. 195.00
  8. Herbal Henna Hair Treatment

    It treats hair loss, polishes & smoothens rough hair, maintains the natural color of the hair & strengthens hair from roots to tips, leaving it healthy & shinning.
    Rs. 190.00
  9. Fruit Extract Hair Conditioner 200ml

    Get smooth and nourished hair by applying this fruit extracts hair conditioner from OxyGlow. Rich in fruit extracts, it is a complete treatment formula for dry and damaged hair.
    Rs. 230.00
  10. Herbal Sindoor

    Herbal Sindoor
    Rs. 105.00
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10 Item(s)